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Checkpoint Evaluation

April, 2017

BNP has developed a simulation toolset to evaluate and optimize the design for security screening checkpoints.


A critical function of today’s airports that oftentimes determines the ranking of a given airport, Passenger Security Screening is finally evolving into a more automated process that promises to improve customer satisfaction, increase throughputs, decrease staffing and reduce physical area requirements.

"BNP’s modeling tools help optimize the design configuration and help our clients avoid costly mistakes when they deploy new technologies.”

The new checkpoints allow for independent divesture stations, remote screeners and automated tub return. BNP’s modeling tools can be used to determine the optimum configuration for your airport.

Boston Logan

Our first official and comprehensive checkpoint evaluation was the modeling of the new proposed high throughput automated security screening lanes at Boston Logan International Airport.


This model included passenger queueing, travel document checking, personal item divestiture, passenger (L-3 Provision 2 and walk through metal detector) and carry-on baggage screening, passenger recompose and secondary screening.

The checkpoint design was based on the TSA Checkpoint Design Guide 6.1. Study results included recommendations for the number of pre-check, regular, and premium processing lanes.


 Additionally, BNP performed a staffing evaluation to determine the recommended number of lanes that should be staffed by TSA by time of day that minimized total TSA staffing requirements while ensuring that all performance goals were met.


Contact BNP to develop and evaluate your Passenger Security Checkpoint Designs and move your airport up the scale for passenger satisfaction.

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