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BNP Associates, Inc.
Celebrating Our 50th Anniversary!

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In 1971, three young engineers, Morty Breier, Arnold Neidle and Ric Patrone, saw a market need for an independent consultancy for the budding air cargo industry. From a basement office in Stamford, Connecticut, these ambitious three formed BNP Associates, Inc. imbued with an ethos to provide their clients with innovative design services of exceptional quality. Today, BNP is a worldwide practice with close to 100 talented staff across nine global offices performing projects in more than 40 countries on six continents. The incredible growth and success of BNP is owed to staying true to the ethos set by our founders 50 years ago. This ethos is demonstrated every day as nearly 80% of our business is from past clients and by our continual growth and expansion into new markets.

We are proud to be recognized as one of the world leaders in our specialized field. We work on projects of all sizes, ranging from some of the largest material handling systems in the world to one-week studies to improve a single aspect of a client’s operations. We are not a jack of all trades company; our focus on logistics systems and airport baggage handling, air cargo, passenger screening and apron services means we are true experts in these fields. With 50 years and thousands of specialized projects completed, BNP will continue to always deliver the best results in our specialty industry for years and decades to come.

Company History

Of our commitment and service.

BNP opens its doors 1979


Breier Neidle Patrone opens its doors.

Cargo design at Singapore Changi Airport


BNP starts masterplan for SATS cargo and designs AFT1 and AFT4 at Singapore Changi Airport, one of the most successful air cargo hubs in the world.

Cargo Terminal at Sydney Airport


BNP designs Qantas cargo terminal at Sydney Airport.

Cargo Terminal at Hong Kong Airport


BNP designs Hactl cargo terminal at Hong Kong’s Kai Tak Airport.

Chicago Masterplan


BNP designs the Chicago O’Hare Terminal 1 baggage system for United Airlines.

BNP 1983 Drafting Table


BNP adopts computerized drafting.

Port Authority old logo


The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey retains BNP for an on-call contract.

FedEx Newark metroplex hub


FedEx opens the Newark metroplex hub designed by BNP.

JFK's Saarinen terminal building


BNP designs TWA’s new baggage handling systems at what is now JFK’s historic Saarinen Terminal.

Denver Terminal


The city and county of Denver retains BNP to develop baggage handling system concepts for the new airport. BNP recommends against the DCV system that was subsequently implemented by the city resulting in the delay of the airport opening and substantial increase in operating costs.

Seoul’s new Incheon Airport


BNP designs the baggage system for Terminal 1 at Seoul’s new Incheon Airport.

BNP new logo in 1995


Company name officially changes from Breier Neidle Patrone to BNP.

BNP opens new office in Denver


BNP opens its Denver office.

Ric Patrone profile


Last founding partner Ric Patrone retires.

The first ICS based system in Asia designed by BNP


BNP begins design on the BHS for the new Terminal 3 at Singapore Changi Airport. The first ICS based system in Asia goes into operation in 2008.

United Airlines boarding bridge


BNP forms its Apron Services Division and United Airlines awards BNP a contract to design passenger boarding bridges throughout its domestic network.

Newark terminal B


The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey retains BNP to assist with the expansion of Terminal B at Newark Liberty International Airport.

EDS machine


BNP starts the design of numerous hold baggage screening systems and is selected to design and implement major screening systems at BOS, JFK, EWR, MIA, TPA, ORD, LAX, SFO, SEA, DTW, to name a few.

Beijing ICS System


BNP starts design on some of the largest ICS-based baggage systems in the world – Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal 3 and Seoul Incheon International Airport with a combined value of approx. $500 million USD.

DOH new airport


BNP begins services at the new Doha Airport with a peer review contract. This contract expands to include the design and implementation of baggage systems, air cargo systems, and aircraft maintenance hangar systems for the following 10+ years.

BNP Singapore Office


BNP opens its first overseas office in Singapore to service our growing business in Asia.

2008 Revit screenshot


BNP’s first project utilizing Revit software.

LGA baggage handling system


Delta Airlines retains BNP to design, update, and expand LaGuardia’s baggage handling system.

Copenhagen Airport Overview


Copenhagen Airport retains BNP to design and monitor the implementation of a baggage system redevelopment program to optimize capacity and performance of the system by 50% within the same building footprint.

Dubai Airport


BNP opens its Dubai office to service our growing business in the region.

Hong Kong Cargo Terminal in 2013


BNP designs Cathay Pacific’s 2.5-million-ton cargo terminal at Hong Kong International Airport. This is the largest cargo terminal built on the planet in the last 20 years and is one of seven air cargo facilities in Hong Kong designed by BNP.

Hong Kong City Overview


BNP opens its Hong Kong office.

Claim Device Simulation


BNP opens its Dallas office where the expanded simulation group is located.

Tampa Airport


BNP opens its Tampa office to service our clients in Florida and LATAM.

BNP's 30th ICS BHS


BNP designs its 30th ICS-based baggage handling system.

Singapore Overview


BNP begins designing the baggage system for Terminal 5 at Singapore Changi Airport.

Overview of London


BNP opens its London office to service our growing European client base.

social distancing reclaim


BNP addresses technologies for social distancing and baggage sterilization.

BNP 50th Anniversary Logo


BNP opens its office in Shenzhen China to service our growing business in China.

BNP 50th Anniversary Logo


BNP celebrates our 50th Anniversary!