Cargo Handling Systems

BNP Associates, Inc. has designed and implemented some of the largest and most complex Air Cargo Systems in the world including Hong Kong, Singapore and Doha. Our services include Master Planning, Facility Design, Cargo System Designs and Project Management. We are a dedicated group of professionals, widely experienced in the airline and airport requirements for the handling of cargo. Meeting the needs of our clients, BNP provides:


System Requirements

Determination of Requirements and Constraints, Development of Broad Concept of Operations, Concept Design, Evaluation and Recommendation of Preferred Concept.



Preparation of technical performance specifications to include General Requirements, Definition of scope of work of the system of the supplier, Definition of operational equipment requirements.

Construction Management

BNP provides construction management/administration process including submittal reviews, program management, and site supervision.



BNP will develop the requirements and constraints for the Cargo System in terms of resources (airside interface positions, storage positions, workstations, truck docks, etc.) based on the detailed forecast provided by the Client. This will include requirements for special storage areas, storage for oversize cargo, empty ULD Storage, sorter systems for parcels and small packages. With this information, a proposed Concept of Operations will be developed. This is the most significant part of analysis and the concept design study and involves the highest levels of expertise, creativity and engineering acumen.


BNP, for the client review develop a group of concepts in 2D, representing broad topics such as various terminal shapes, single vs multi-level facility, exterior airside interfaces vs interior airside interface aisles, and different operational concepts, etc. The preferred design will include 3D space planning of the Cargo functions to determine the anticipated height of the facility and includes 3D equipment to allow validation of the quantities required versus the provisions in the design. Based on the preferred design BNP will provide rough order magnitude costs and implementation schedules.



The preferred concept will be developed by BNP into a 3D dynamic discrete event simulation model where the flow of each ULD and each ASRS load unit is modeled. The simulation will be based upon the peak time processing and include the processing of cargo incorporating security and customs requirements. Manual processes (e.g. ULD buildup, forklift movement, Dolly train movement) will be modeled with representative process times coordinated with the client.


Construction Documentation

BNP will prepare and provide functional detailed specifications, drawings and contract documents based on the cargo system configuration, the client approved design objectives and BNP’s practical real world history of mechanical, electrical and controls components and products.


Bidding and Award Assistance

Pre-qualification of vendors, release of bid documents, assistance in bid evaluation process all of which is especially beneficial to our clients given BNP’s knowledge of the cargo industry, market pricing and contract requirements.

Construction Administration

BNP’s participation in the construction management/administration process includes submittal reviews to include structural loading drawings, building interface drawings and maintenance access drawings. Assist in the preparation of and attend the execution of factory acceptance tests.


Program management, and site supervision, scheduling, detailed inspections of the system, acceptance testing and assistance to the client in the operational start up period.

BNP brings proven expertise in Cargo System Design and implementation that provides cost and operational effective solutions to our clients.





Master Planning

Concept Design

Process Mapping

Process Improvement

Building Improvement


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Tender Documents

Construction Management

Acceptance Testing

Operational Readiness

Operational Audits

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