Apron Systems

BNP Associates, Inc. has developed a team to address the need for a concise grouping of professionals dedicated to the design of Apron Systems.

Our focus is aimed at the following systems:


Passenger Loading Bridges - Pre-Conditioned Air - 400 Hz Ground Power -Visual Docking Guidance Systems (VDGS) – Potable Water - Aircraft Parking


Baseline aircraft parking plan alternatives are developed for the projected fleet mix, including GSE parking and vehicle service lanes. As necessary, several alternatives are also considered to optimize the various evaluation criteria including aircraft fleet mix, gate/aircraft interchangeability, passenger loading distributions, etc.


The passenger loading bridge generalities are also developed including approximate PBB tunnel lengths, range of aircraft servicing needs, maximum slopes and facility interface coordination. Point-of-use versus centralized 400 Hz and PC air studies are developed as well as Potable Water requirements. VDGS system layout and the interface to the Passenger Boarding Bridges are also developed when they are a requirement of the project.

The design process concludes with estimating, scheduling and recommendations of the apron systems configuration which best meet the needs of the client. BNP uses the AviPlan software program for its aircraft parking, servicing and layout designs. This is combined with an extensive library of standard CADD symbols and design standards.


Preparation of bidding documents for the procurement of the various apron systems. Project specific requirements are included in our standard, proven specifications. BNP Specification packages are divided so multiple contractors can be included in the equipment procurement.  Our specifications include distinct sections for the PBB, PCAir, 400 Hz, Potable water and VDGS.


Bidding & Award Assistance

Pre-qualification of vendors, release for bid packages, pre-bid conferences, bid review and contract negotiations. BNP knows the strengths, weaknesses and has first-hand knowledge of production capacities and capabilities of all the various manufacturers.

Construction Administration

BNP provides as part of our Construction Administration role, coordination of the engineering and manufacturing processes, Factory Acceptance Testing, coordinate both construction staging and construction around on-going operations.  We also provide supervision of the installation, punch listing, equipment acceptance testing and Aircraft Gate Fit testing if required.


BNP brings the proven expertise that provides cost and operationally effective solutions to our clients. The process had been a missing element in the industry where the planning of these critical systems was often left to less experienced personnel or to the equipment manufacturers.





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