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BNP Associates, Inc. is the worldwide leader in providing specialized consulting services to the air transportation industry since 1971.  These services are specifically directed at apron, air cargo, and baggage handling systems and operations. With over 45 years of professional experience, BNP has been involved in hundreds of projects throughout the world. The scale of projects has ranged from the renovation of small manual systems to some of the largest mechanized material handling systems in the world.


We provide solutions that are geared towards creating operational reliability, efficiency and effectiveness.


Our consulting services include Master Planning, Facility and Apron System Design, Baggage Handling and Cargo System Design and Simulation, Bidding and Negotiation assistance, Project Management and Construction Administration.


BNP’s client list is composed of airlines, airports, government agencies and Architects/Engineers who specialize in airports.


BNP operates from five primary office locations – Fairfield CT, Denver CO, Dallas TX, Dubai and Singapore.  We also have satellite offices in Abu Dhabi, Chicago Il, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles CA, Incheon Korea and Tampa Bay FL.



As an employee-owned firm, our people are our greatest assets. Our forward-looking experts streamline complex challenges at every stage, providing a panoramic view of each client’s requirements and opportunities.

Dave Mecartney


Damien Breier

Vice President

Steve LaPorta

Vice President


A critical component in the successful and economic execution of a project is the application of advanced technology. In this regard, BNP has strived to equip its operations with automation to improve our product and reduce the cost to our clients by improving productivity and improving accuracy through standardization. The key components of our systems include:



BNP's CAD system consists of latest technology workstations running the most current version of AutoCAD and Revit. This software is enhanced by BNPCAD which consists of a symbol library specific to the airline industry and more specifically to Baggage, Cargo and Apron systems. Our designers use the latest version of Autodesk Building Design Suite to design and model baggage and cargo systems.



Our engineering systems provide standardized spreadsheet, word processing and database programs for modeling baggage system requirements, tracking bids, shop drawing logs and a host of construction service tools. All scheduling is accomplished using Microsoft Project. The specifications are standardized in CSI format and are assembled from word processing templates.


IT Systems

All BNP offices are fully networked with a common virtual server and daily back-up/disaster recovery capability. BNP's IT systems are state of the art, easily expandable and can be setup within remote offices without the need for server installations. Our centralized storage systems are cloud based and fully redundant. We utilize Procure as a collaborative Project and Construction Management tool. E-mail is accomplished using high availability commercial services.


Software package that allows us to accurately model the complex swept paths of taxing aircraft as well as multi-unit baggage and cargo dolly trains.



BHSS and CHSS are simulation applications developed specifically for baggage and cargo handling systems. It has been developed using the experience of many baggage and cargo projects. The result is a proven product that models belt, ICS and tilt tray based baggage systems, as well as ULD and bin systems accurately and quickly. BNP utilizes three simulation software packages.





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Concept Design

Process Mapping

Process Improvement

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Mr. Mecartney, who has been with BNP since 1982, has been involved as project manager on some of the world's largest automated baggage and cargo systems.


He has also been instrumental in establishing the apron systems group as well as the checked baggage screening disciplines.


He is responsible for the development of BNP's analysis methodology with particular emphasis on computer modeling and subsequent development of system and program requirements.

Mr. Breier has over 20 years of experience in the design and construction of material handling systems. As Vice President, Mr. Breier's responsibilities include conceptual design, generation of mathematical models to facilitate analyses of complex systems, contractor's design review, project management, and supervision of implementation monitoring and systems testing.


His work focuses primarily on large scale international hub projects for passenger and cargo terminals. With previous full time on-site assignments as project manager at four major international airports, Mr. Breier has valuable experience that allows him to provide innovative and elegant designs, resolve issues ranging from planning approvals to operational work conditions and handle contractual issues between owners and contractors.


He has designed and implemented systems on 6 continents and in more than 30 countries providing a world class foundation of knowledge and experience that he brings to each project.

Mr. LaPorta, as Vice President, is responsible for overall design management and technical coordination of projects.  His technical expertise includes specification writing, computer generated mathematical and economic programs, system requirement analyses, and cost estimating.


He has been involved at all levels of project development and has handled projects in baggage, express mail, cargo, and pneumatic tube systems.


BNP operates from four primary office locations – Denver CO, Fairfield CT, Dallas TX and Singapore.  We also have satellite offices in Tampa Bay FL, Los Angeles CA, Chicago IL, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong.



As an employee-owned firm, our people are our greatest asset. Our forward-looking experts streamline complex challenges at every stage, providing a panoramic view of each client’s requirements and opportunities.